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Spring! March 8, 2012

Filed under: things that will help muslim girls — islamicgirls @ 12:46 pm

Inshallah everyone is loving spring as much as i am! because spring means its not that long till summer! and who can’t wait for summer vacation? well i hope you don’t have to much fun and forget to do the stuff that is really important for muslims! like praying i know sometimes it hard to pull yourself out of bed in the morning to pray fagir! but would you rather take 5 minuets out of your sleeping time or get one deed closer to the hell fire? i sure know i would rather go with the first option! in fact i really think we shouldn’t mind taking 10 minuets out of are day, i mean i think we all spend to much time worrying about what our none-Muslim¬†friends will say if we say we have to go and pray but if they are really your friends i think they would understand.

Well until next time Salams,