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The Right Way To Dress October 17, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — islamicgirls @ 5:03 pm

I know how tempting it is to take of your hijab when you its the middle of the summer and quite frankly you feel like its 1 million degrees outside but what comes next you just taking off your hijab in the summer? will you ever wear it at all? and then after that will you start wearing dresses and skirts everywhere that are above your knees? then will you just try smoking only ounce “of course”. Now i am jumping to conclusions you could really just be taking off your hijab in the summer it could only be in your backyard but at what point will we ask are selves are we crossing a line? i mean if we don’t find disobeying Allah(because he is the one who told us to wear hijabs) bad what will we stop at?!!

and we don’t have to wear a full blown dress and a fifty foot long hijab i wear jeans and a long sleeved short all the time. you just have to be covered thats all that matters know if you wonna be covered by wearing a dress every single day more power to ya but you don’t have to. well thats all for know,



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