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The Right Stuff October 17, 2011

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once upon a time there wasn’t tv, phones, or computers and not having these addicting attractions most likely helped most people back in the day to remember and cherish the things most important in life: family, friends, and most importantly Allah.

Now its so easy to forget to pray while your surfing the internet,

or you could be on the phone with a bff you haven’t talked to in like forever  buts it time to pray but you say to yourself i’ll pray later but the next thing you know the next pray is in,

Its so easy to get distracted by things like this or sometimes you just don’t care you begin to forget about the hell fire and are sure you’ll go to heaven just because when you were a little girl you prayed. Also thinking i’ll become religious when i’m 30 is not okay you know why?

because 9-10 times you aren’t gonna become religious when 30 and the number will just keep  going up next thing you know your 50 and have only prayed a few times in your life and then the next thing you know your in a car incident and you never made up for all the prays you missed,

so pray your prays now before its to late,



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