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Girl Up October 28, 2011

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I want to give everyone a chance to be part of this amazing foundation Girl Up they help pay for girls in  developing countries to go to school, And there a big part of these girls life.



A Poem for the Hearts

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A Poem for the Hearts

April 27, 2007 by empoweredmuslimah

In the name of Allah do I begin.
The Most Merciful, The Most Kind.

For it was Allah, who delivered the Best of Creation,
To the whole of Mankind.

How great is His favour, for us to see.
For Truth has arrived, and falsehood will flee.

May every blessing be upon thee, O sweet and beautiful Madani.

No sweeter man has there ever been.
None more honest and serene.;

To continue reading the rest of this beautiful poem please click on the link below…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   islamicgirl,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This is not my blog post i copied it from my mothers blog : empoweredmuslimah


The War In Iraq Is Over!!!! October 21, 2011

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WASHINGTON (RNN) – President Barack Obama announced Friday the end of the war in Iraq, bringing to a close the armed conflict that has lasted nearly nine years.

“The U.S. is moving forward from a position of strength,” Obama said. “The long war in Iraq will come to an end by the end of this year.”

As the war draws to a close, Obama said that the nation’s roughly 45,000 troops will leave the Middle Eastern nation before the new year.

“Across America, our service men and women will be reunited with their families,” Obama said. “Today, I can say that our troops in Iraq will definitely be home for the holidays.”

The president assured that Iraq had taken full responsibility for its security. From now on, he said, the relationship between the U.S. and Iraq will be a “normal relationship between sovereign nations.”

[Click here to read a transcript of President Barack Obama’s speech.]

During his speech from the White House briefing room, Obama spoke of new trade, commerce, culture and education ties between the U.S. and Iraq, which will “unleash the potential of the Iraqi people.”

Obama said the U.S. will ask other nations to respect the sovereignty of Iraq. It will also continue discussions on how to help Iraq train and equip its forces.

“This will be a strong and enduring partnership,” he said.

Friday’s announcement fulfills a long-standing campaign promise from Obama, which will likely intensify the upcoming 2012 presidential election.

“As a candidate for president, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end,” Obama reminded Americans at the beginning of his speech.

The president said he had, to this point, cut in half the number of troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“And make no mistake: It will continue to go down,” Obama said.

The announcement also fulfilled an existing agreement between the U.S. and Iraq to have troops removed before year’s end.

Only a negligible number of troops will remain in Iraq after withdrawal – about 150 left behind to help with weapons sales, according to CNN.

CNN also reports that the U.S. had hoped to leave more troops to help with security and training issues. However, talks broke down after a diplomatic cable alleging that U.S. troops had killed Iraqi children and other civilians was released by WikiLeaks.

As a result, Iraq has refused to grant legal immunity to U.S. troops, CNN reported.

The war in Iraq began on March 20, 2003. Nearly 1 million troops have served in the war, which has claimed the lives of nearly 4,500 U.S. troops.

Obama said he was proud of the success of all of American troops, saying it was now time to enlist returning troops to a new focus: Jobs.

“After a decade of war, the nation that we need to build – and the nation that we will build – is our own,” Obama said.

However, the Senate killed a version of Obama’s jobs bills Thursday, for the second time in two weeks.

By. Joseph Neese,

-islamicgirl bringing very good news!!!


What do you see when you look at me? October 20, 2011

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What do you see when you look at me
Do you see someone limited,
or someone free
All some people can do is just look and stare
Simply because they can’t see my hair
Others think I am controlled and uneducated
They think that I am limited and un-liberated
They are so thankful that they are not me
Because they would like to remain ‘free’
Well free isn’t exactly the word I would’ve used
Describing women who are cheated on and abused

They think that I do not have opinions or voice
They think that being hooded isn’t my choice
They think that the hood makes me look caged
That my husband or dad are totally outraged
All they can do is look at me in fear
And in my eye there is a tear
Not because I have been stared at or made fun of
But because people are ignoring the one up above
On the day of judgment they will be the fools
Because they were too ashamed to play by their own rules

Maybe the guys won’t think I am a cutie
But at least I am filled with more inner beauty
See I have declined from being a guy’s toy
Because I won’t let myself be controlled by a boy
Real men are able to appreciate my mind
And aren’t busy looking at my behind

Hooded girls are the ones really helping the Muslim cause
The role that we play definitely deserves applause
I will be recognized because I am smart and bright
And because some people are inspired by my sight
The smart ones are attracted by my tranquility
In the back of their mind they wish they were me

We have the strength to do what we think is right
Even if it means putting up a life long fight
You see we are not controlled by a mini skirt and tight shirt
We are given only respect, and never treated like dirt
So you see, we are the ones that are free and liberated
We are not the ones that are sexually terrorized and violated
We are the ones that are free and pure
We’re free of STD’s that have no cure

So when people ask you how you feel about the hood
Just sum it up by saying ‘baby its all good’


BTW: okay, so i don’t know who wrote this poem my mom just printed it off the internet for me and she forgot what website she got it off of.


Moment Of Silence

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Lets have a moment of silence for the late Ridge Bardon a-16-old defensive tackle who plays for  John C. Birdlebough High School fell down in agony in the middle of a football game and within a few hours passed away.

They believe he died of a brain bleed. and he is not the first sense 2005 including college students there have been 18  casualties. So lets give a moment of silence for these fallen players,



The Right Way To Dress October 17, 2011

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I know how tempting it is to take of your hijab when you its the middle of the summer and quite frankly you feel like its 1 million degrees outside but what comes next you just taking off your hijab in the summer? will you ever wear it at all? and then after that will you start wearing dresses and skirts everywhere that are above your knees? then will you just try smoking only ounce “of course”. Now i am jumping to conclusions you could really just be taking off your hijab in the summer it could only be in your backyard but at what point will we ask are selves are we crossing a line? i mean if we don’t find disobeying Allah(because he is the one who told us to wear hijabs) bad what will we stop at?!!

and we don’t have to wear a full blown dress and a fifty foot long hijab i wear jeans and a long sleeved short all the time. you just have to be covered thats all that matters know if you wonna be covered by wearing a dress every single day more power to ya but you don’t have to. well thats all for know,



The Right Stuff

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once upon a time there wasn’t tv, phones, or computers and not having these addicting attractions most likely helped most people back in the day to remember and cherish the things most important in life: family, friends, and most importantly Allah.

Now its so easy to forget to pray while your surfing the internet,

or you could be on the phone with a bff you haven’t talked to in like forever  buts it time to pray but you say to yourself i’ll pray later but the next thing you know the next pray is in,

Its so easy to get distracted by things like this or sometimes you just don’t care you begin to forget about the hell fire and are sure you’ll go to heaven just because when you were a little girl you prayed. Also thinking i’ll become religious when i’m 30 is not okay you know why?

because 9-10 times you aren’t gonna become religious when 30 and the number will just keep  going up next thing you know your 50 and have only prayed a few times in your life and then the next thing you know your in a car incident and you never made up for all the prays you missed,

so pray your prays now before its to late,